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Since 1876, Briess® has been supplying the brewing community with high-quality malts in the industry. And for the past four decades they have distinguished themselves by developing one of the most extensive line of specialty malts produced by any malting company in the world.


Blonde RoastOat® Malt

Colour ºEBC: 9.3 max
Moisture: 3.0% max
Extract: 75.0% min


CBW® Pilsen Light - DME

Colour ºEBC: 3.8 max
Flavour: Subtle malty
99% Pilsen Malt / 1% Carapils Malt

CBW® Golden Light - DME

Colour ºEBC: 9.2 max
Flavour: Malty
99% Base Malt / 1% Carapils Malt

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