About Us


For over 30 years, the Cryer Malt team has stood shoulder to shoulder with progressive craft brewers who have broken the mould and shaped the modern craft beer movement. We are constantly dedicated to providing the finest brewing ingredients to help brewers create the foundations of a truly excellent beer.

And as the industry grows, so do we. Over the years, our portfolio of premium malted barley has grown extensively. This includes local Australian champion, Barrett Burston Malting Co. Pty Ltd, along with internationally world-renowned malt from BESTMALZ® (Germany), Bairds Malt and Thomas Fawcett (United Kingdom), Great Western Malting, Canada Malting Company (Canada), Malteurop (New Zealand) and Dingemans (Belgium).

Based in Washington State, our supply partner Yakima Chief Hops™ is a grower-owned global supplier of top-quality hops. They are true pioneers in the hops game, demonstrating true transparency, sustainability and innovation in their mission to connect family hops farms with the world’s finest brewers.

We have introduced the ability to provide brewers with a full package of ingredients, distributing yeast from local Australian providers Mauribrew and Pinnacle, brands of the esteemed AB Mauri and White Labs. We also supply fruit purees from Oregon Specialty Fruit (North America) and candi syrups from Dark Candi (Belgium).

Our friendly team on the ground is always here to help you craft your next creation.

Total Brewing Revolutionaries – Cryer Malt, your premium brewing partner.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is to supply the brewing trade with the best and freshest ingredients, on a quick turnaround from stock held, so brewers have the freedom and confidence to consistently create great beers that meet the demands of the rapidly growing ‘good beer’ movement across Australasia and the Pacific.

Our Team

Our team are well equipped to support and inform all stages of brewing. Please call or email us with any questions or for more information regarding your malt requirements.

New Zealand Contact Details

Cryer Malt New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 639 0817 or 0800 625833
Email: [email protected]

Australia Contact Details

Cryer Malt Australia
Ph: 1800 119622
Email: [email protected]