Voyager Craft Malt

Built on the foundation of 4 generations of family farming, and strong support from brewers,distillers,bakers, farmers,family and friends, Voyager Craft Malt has grown from ‘playing around’ in the back shed, to restoring and embracing character and the identity of grains to create malts that inspire and push the boundaries of craft beer and spirits.

Malt Range

Dexter malt is a Cara Pils/Dextrin style malt that is a popular choice for enhancing the body, head/foam retention, and mouthfeel of beer. Malt Voyager Craft Malt 16 Produced in the traditional European caramel pilsner process, by steeping, part germinating and then drying high-quality, low-protein barley in the kiln. Dexter malt is particularly effective at increasing the foam stability of beer, making it a great choice for styles that require a persistent head, such as Pilsners, Lagers, and Belgian ales. It also adds a smooth, full-bodied mouthfeel to beer, enhancing its overall drinkability.

Dexter Malt™

Colour °EBC: 2.5-6.5

Moisture (%): 5.0 max

Protein: 9.0-12

Extract (%): 78 min