KeyKeg® enables you to access new markets with a perfectly protected product that tastes just the same as when it was created.

With a KeyKeg®, you are entrusting your beverages to the most advanced keg in the world.

The KeyKegs® unique design is based on years of research and our customers experience in practice. The result is a complete product line of lightweight kegs that stand out in the market because of their quality, convenience, safety, and sustainability.

Each KeyKeg® is equipped with patented Double Wall™ and Bag-in-Keg™ technology. A KeyKeg® provides the best possible protection for your beverages as it is a lightweight keg, robust in the supply chain, with air-assisted dispensing. The beverage in a KeyKeg® presents long shelf life, just like comparable to or better than steel, even when on tap. The beverage retains its quality for longer as the propellant gas doesn’t come into contact with the beverage.

Cryer Malt carries 10L, 20L and 30L KeyKegs® as well as snap caps at our Melbourne Distribution Centre.  Please contact your local Sales Manager for more info.

KeyKeg® Products

10L Keg

20L Keg

30L Keg

Snap Caps