Malt for Food Production


Cryer Malt has supplied premium malted products to the brewing industry in Australasia since 1993. We are now pleased to offer malted products to the food industry as well. Our malted food products are particularly favoured by artisan bakers, but also used by soft drink manufacturers, producers of general baked and malt-flavoured food, cereals and confectionery.

We offer a range of products from BESTMALZ®, Barrett Burston Malting Pty Ltd, Blue Lake Milling, Dark Candi, Mouterij Dingemans and our other suppliers, which are ideally suited to the food manufacturing sector. These include liquids and syrups to add colour and flavour to a wide range of food and beverages.

Range of malts available

Choose from a range of whole or crushed malted grain for baking, to aid the yeast in rising or to add pleasing textures and flavours to a range of sweet and savoury baked goods, such as bread, biscuits, crackers, bagels, rolls, pretzels, waffles and pancakes.

As well as baked foods, our malt syrups can be used to add natural colour and flavour to chocolate and other confectionery, ice cream, infant food, malt vinegar, granolas and other cereals, soy milk, coffee substitutes – even specialty pet food.

Clean Labels for Natural Products

We provide you with the ability to produce clean labels through the use of our all-natural range of malted products. These include liquid, powdered and whole-grain malts, rolled and flaked grains, crystal/caramel malts, candied and roasted malts– from a variety of grains including barley, wheat, rye, oats, spelt and maize.

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