BEST Heidelberg® Lager Recipe

In early September, we added the latest addition to the Cryer Malt roster – BESTMALZ®. Through three generations, this family owned business has kept true to traditional malting, whilst continuously innovating to ensure brewers and distillers have access to a wide array of flavours.

German town, Heidelberg is at the heart of the BESTMALZ® operation. Thus, it only seems fitting that their signature base malt, BEST Heidelberg® is named in honour of their hometown. Particularly suited for pale beers, BEST Heidelberg® is made using special, two-row barley variety that tends to create less colour during the malting process. 

It works well in a variety of beer styles but really shines as a base malt for Pale Ales, Pale Premium Pilsner and Pilsner Beers. Click here for the BEST Heidelberg Lager recipe which is great inspiration for how you can start brewing with BEST Heidelberg! Making up 95% of the malt bill, this recipe is a perfect starting point for using BESTMALZ® malts in your brews!

PSA: BEST Heidelberg® is coming to the Cryer Malt roster on 1st January 2020 but get in contact with us to request a trial!