Brewing with BESTMALZ®

Our mates at BESTMALZ® have sent over two recipes for inspiration on how you can start getting creative with their malts.

First up is their BEST Red Wheat X Recipe featuring their Best Red X®. BEST Red X®️ is one of BESTMALZ most unique malts. Not only can BEST Red X® make up 100% of the grain bill as a base malt, it can impart an incredible red hue to many different styles of beer, from Pale Ales to Stouts.

Next up is BESTMALZ® American Rye Ale recipe featuring their BEST Acidulated Malt. 

The most disciplined of brewers adhere to the Reinheitsgebot law, where Acidulated Malt comes in handy to increase enzyme activity and optimise your PH levels – thus improving flavour stability. Essentially a Pale malt drenched in lactic-acid, BEST Acidulated Malt can also add sourness and tartness, with a unique flavour profile that is continuing to gain favour in Goses and other Sours.

View recipe here.

Both BEST Red X® and BEST Acidulated Malt are coming to Cryer Malt on 1st January 2020 but contact us today to organise a trial!