Cryer Malt, a warehouse and distribution company serving the brewing and distilling industries in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, since 1993 is pleased to announce it has reached a long-term supply agreement with Germany based Palatia Malz GmbH, which will apply from 1 January 2020. Palatia Malz GmbH is a German manufacturer of a wide range of base and specialty malts which are sold globally under the brand name “BESTMALZ.”

Under the agreement, Cryer Malt will supply BESTMALZ’s entire product range, which includes over 50 varieties of base and specialty malts to brewers and distillers out of its warehouse network serving Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

BESTMALZ has been family-owned for three generations and has a rich 120-year history and strong commitment to customer service and quality products. Its malts are produced in small batch sizes and undergo lengthy germination and gentle roasting. Its products are shipped to over 75 countries worldwide and are available in various bag sizes and bulk.

“Giving customers access to the varieties of malt that helps them differentiate in the marketplace is part of our commitment to the local industry,” said David Cryer, General Manager of Cryer Malt. “By building onto our existing relationship with BESTMALZ out of the UK and US, we are able to bring our customers a top-quality product backed by Cryer Malt’s reputation for exceptional customer service.”

“Our global distribution partners are the lifeline of our business,” stated Dr. Axel Goehler, Chairman and grandson of the founder of Palatia Malz. “We abide by the claim that ‘all business is local’ and are therefore excited to have Cryer Malt as our trusted network partner in one of our key future growth markets.”

Further information regarding BESTMALZ is available at www.bestmalz.com

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