Range Brewing, one of Australia’s leading modern beer breweries is releasing their third iteration of charity beer ‘Full Circle’ on the 9th of April 2022. We are very proud to be partnering with Range in the production of this exceptional brew that will provide crucial financial support to the flood affected bio-intensive market garden: Loop Growers.

Full Circle is a beer concept created by Range Brewing to work with like minded industry professionals to create a beer that can give back to the community through charitable donations. Each year they look for a cause to support and ask their wonderful suppliers to collaborate by donating ingredients to produce a one off beer that is packaged into cans and sold Australia wide by Range Brewing. The major goal being to spread awareness of a cause Australia wide. They then donate all the profits from each can sold to a charity, organization, group, project or establishment.

Loop growers are considered to be core pillars of the Brisbane good food community and are dear friends to Range Brewing so there was no question about what cause their next Full Circle brew should support. The Range team were quick to their feet to rally donations from suppliers such as ourselves and have created Full Circle #3 to provide crucial financial support for the Loop team to rebuild their farm.

Full Circle will be available to buy 9th April exclusively from Range brewing on tap at both Newstead and Abbotsford taprooms and cans will also be sold exclusively in their Newstead taproom and online store.