Learn about breeding, growing and malting of premium New Zealand malt products for the burgeoning craft brewing sector.

11am Friday 7th October at The Heritage Hotel, Auckland during the Brewers Guild Seminar Series.

As part of the 2016 New Zealand Brewers Guild Conference & Tradeshow, Cryermalt will be presenting a panel on barley and malting, with Anna Marie Andersen and Tiago Cabral of Malteurop New Zealand, joined by guest barley grower Henry Reynolds from the Wairarapa. They will deliver an open panel discussion encompassing the breeding, growing and malting of barley for the New Zealand brewing industry.

Henry Reynolds, fifth generation farmer from Wairarapa

Henry Reynolds is a barley grower based in the Wairarapa, near Masterton, a fifth generation crop farmer on land that’s been farmed by his family since 1865. He grows barley specifically for malting and he will talk about what is involved in growing high quality grain to meet the specifications for brewers’ malt.

Anna-Marie Andersen, Barley Breeder, Malteurop New Zealand

Anna Marie Andersen is a barley breeder for Malteurop New Zealand, developing and trialling new varieties of malting barley for use by barley growers and brewers around the world. Anna Marie emigrated to New Zealand in 1989 from Denmark (where she worked as a barley breeder for Carlsberg) and took charge of Malteurop New Zealand‘s barley breeding programme in 1998.

Due to the fact that Malteurop’s New Zealand breeding programme develops malting barley varieties for growers all over the world, Anna Marie travels regularly to the US, Europe, Australia and Canada to check on commercial trials of her barley strains. In the US she is specifically working with craft brewers.

Tiago Cabral, Operations Manager Malteurop New Zealand

Tiago Cabral is Malteurop New Zealand’s Operations Manager and has worked in the malting industry for nearly 20 years. He oversees the entire malting plant in Marton, which sources malting barley from growers in the Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa, Manawatu, Rangitikei and Canterbury regions of New Zealand.

Tiago has a thorough knowledge of the industry from raw barley to malt to brewing. With a background in biochemistry he has done extensive research and analysis of barley proteins. He has a wealth of experience in quality control, research and development, brewery management and of course malt production.


David Cryer will MC the discussion. Cryermalt has been supplying the craft brewing industry with premium malted products since the early 1990s, and is principal sponsor of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards.