We’re excited to announce that Great Western Malting’s new product, Biscuit Rye Malt has just arrived on Australian shores.  

Another brainchild of the team at GWM’s Malt Innovation Centre, this malt is a spicy twist on a traditional Biscuit Malt and can be used in brews and spirits alike. Many cereal grains – including malt, barley, wheat, or rye – can be used to make Biscuit Malt. When the Malt Innovation Center team set out to develop a Biscuit Malt, they found that when they tested rye malt through a roasting cycle, it provided an excellent balance of nutty, toasty & biscuit flavours.   

Because of the light-roasted character of Biscuit Rye, it can be used in beer styles ranging from Pales Ales all the way to Stouts, adding lightly spiced biscuit complexity without getting lost or overwhelming other flavours. When North American brewers trialed the malt, they commented on the malt’s depth of flavour, and a balance that is softer than a traditional rye. 

Biscuit Rye Malt also offers a whisky aroma effect, and to that end, can be used in the distillery as well as the brewery.  

We have limited spot volume available of Biscuit Rye so please contact your local Sales Manager ASAP if you want to start using this malt in your craft. If you miss out on the current stock, please put in a pre-order in with your local Sales Manager to ensure that we supply some your way in the coming months.  

Download the Biscuit Rye Spec Sheet here.  

Please note that Biscuit Rye Malt is currently only available in Australia and only available ex. Melbourne Warehouse.