Dereck Hales – Managing Director at Bad Shepherd Brewing Co.

Image Credits: Bad Shepherd Brewing Co.


At Melbourne brewery, Bad Shepherd Brewing Co., knowing the provenance of the ingredients with which they brew is at the core of their very ethos. Managing Director, Dereck Hales, says that they take special care in understanding each ingredient and its value contribution toward the quality of the final product. This is evident with their beer, Victoria Pale Ale. The Victoria Pale Ale is brewed only with Victorian malt, hops and yeast as a truly 100% local beer. It is crafted with Barrett Burston’s Caramalt, Pale Malt and Wheat Malt which are produced at their Geelong maltings with locally grown Victorian barley.

The idea of ‘the local’ is intrinsic to Bad Shepherd’s brand. They are proudly Victorian and care deeply about their surrounding community. If a product can be local and of high-quality, Dereck sees it as their responsibility to use it in their brews. This theme of ‘support local’ carries throughout the Australian craft beer industry. As Dereck notes, independent brewers are a “critical cog” in the communities of Australia and breweries supporting local suppliers and businesses is what keeps this “virtuous cycle” spinning.

Barrett Burston’s VIC Ale Malt at Bad Shepherd Brewing Co.

Image Credits: Bad Shepherd Brewing Co.


The story of Barrett Burston Malting and the quality of their malts are two of the primary reasons why Dereck chooses to brew with their products. As he says, “These are premium malts coming from literally down the road and finding their way into your fresh glass of beer.” He appreciates Barrett Burston’s ability to deliver malt that is high-quality, proudly Victorian and benefits the local brewing community.

Made with 100% Victorian ingredients, the Victoria Pale Ale underpins this story of supporting the local community by using Victorian suppliers. Dereck swears that Bad Shepherd will continue to use locally produced ingredients in their brews, noting “As long as we exist, we will always stand for Victorian.” 

Browse Barrett Burston’s range of malts here.

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