Oregon Specialty Fruit

Family owned since 1935, Oregon Speciality Fruit demand the highest quality fruit to create ready-to-use aseptic purees that contribute the fullest impact of fruit flavour to your brewing process.

Their purees are sterile, shelf stable and non-GMO. With decades of extensive knowledge in the craft beverage industry, producing the perfect puree is their way of life. At Oregon Fruit, they love to collaborate to help you make better fruit beer.

Oregon Specialty Fruit Products

Apricot Aseptic Puree

Patterson variety, grown in California.
Known for full flavour and aroma.

Blackberry Aseptic Puree

Evergreen blackberries.
The most common variety grown in the
Pacific Northwest.

Blood Orange Aseptic Puree

More intense than a normal orange
but shares the same
wonderful citrus notes.
Blood orange has a distinct, sweet
flavour with a hint of raspberry.

Blueberry Aseptic Puree

Elliott variety blueberry.
Sweet with a hint of tartness.
Grown in Oregon.

Tart Cherry Aseptic Puree

A dark red, heart-shaped fruit.
A rich, sweet flavour.

Dark Sweet Cherry Aseptic Puree

A dark red, heart-shaped fruit.
A rich, sweet flavour.

Grapefruit Aseptic Puree

Beautiful citrus note and a
gentle sweetness, with a tartness.
Pulp adds texture and marries
both the sweet and tart flavours
into perfect balance.

Cranberry Aseptic Puree

Bright red in colour.
Tart, bitter and sour in flavour.

Mango Aseptic Puree

Sweet in flavour with a
tart, lemon-like taste.

Key Lime Aseptic Puree - Seasonal

Pale green in hue and smooth in
consistency, with soft undertones
and a bright and tangy flavour.

Gooseberry Aseptic Puree

Gooseberries range from sour
to a little bit sweet.
It has a juicier texture compared
to a blueberry.

Peach Aseptic Puree

A late-variety peach with
outstanding flavour.
Grown in Oregon and California

Passionfruit Aseptic Puree

A sweet, exotic fruit with a delicious,
slightly tart flavour.

Plum Aseptic Puree

Prepared from ripened, washed,
pitted and sorted plums.
Plums are harvested in September.

Pineapple Aseptic Puree

Pineapples have a vibrant tropical
flavour that balances the
tastes of sweet and tart.

Raspberry Aseptic Puree

An Oregon-grown gem,
these are bright-red,
medium-sized berries with
the familiar raspberry flavour.

Strawberry Aseptic Puree

A mix of varieties selected
for their superior flavour
and sweet-tart balance.
Oregon strawberries are smaller
but more flavourful than those
grown elsewhere.

Tangerine Aseptic Puree

Tangerine Puree is a mixture of
soursop puree with tangerine juice
concentrate imparts tropical flavours.

Rhubarb Aseptic Puree

Rhubarb has a strong, sour taste,
but distinctively tangy.

Pink Guava Aseptic Puree

Quince-banana like flavour with a
sweet and tart taste,
typical of ripe guava